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About Little Cay

Stop in and take an exotic tasting tour across the shores and mainlands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Central & South America. Open daily, Little Cay serves classic and new Latin-Caribbean cooking for lunch, dinner, and catered events in an upbeat eatery environment.

Enjoy soul-satisfying favorites like a Classic Cubano Sandwich, seasoned fries and sweet potato fries (Canasta de Fritas), or a Jamaican Jerk Chicken entree –– and new favorites including our specialty grill dishes like the Vegan Island with portobello mushrooms, eggplant, succotash, white rice, red pepper, and chimichurri sauce. Or, the Boricua with slow-roasted pulled pork served with Puerto Rican style pink beans and yellow rice topped with Caribbean BBQ sauce and cilantro.


The cuisine coming out of the Caribbean and Central and South America is some of the world’s most spectacular, and a new eatery opening in Phoenix this October will celebrate some of the islands’ and Latin America’s biggest culinary draws.

Little Cay, (a little island) is slated to open October 4th at 4912 E Shea Blvd., Phoenix, and offers a soul-satisfying menu and an equally lively island atmosphere. Guests of the new Latin Caribbean restaurant can count on exotic flavors and dishes prepared in methods popularized long the shores and main-lands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and numerous areas of Central and South America.

The eatery’s vibrant, diverse menu features inventive takes on classic and contemporary Caribbean and Latin American dishes, with offerings ranging from a Classic Cubano Sandwich and Sweet Potato Fries to the vegan-friendly Vegan Island, packed with portobello mushrooms, eggplant, succotash, and chimichurri sauce, among other mix-ins.

And because no culinary tour of the islands or main-lands is complete without cocktail options, Little Cay visitors can anticipate an expansive assortment of colorful craft cocktails.

Valley foodies will recognize the name of Little Cay’s owner, Ben Sinon, who previously helmed the Wrigley Mansion as the general manager.

“It’s a laid-back concept,” said Sinon. “Guests can grab-n-go, dine in and it’s the perfect food for a party.”